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  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 

  • 7:30am, 9:00am and 10:30am

  • The 9am group is for 3.5 players and below and the 10:30 group is for 3.5 players and up.

  • Players will be assigned to a specific time period and a court which reflects the player’s ability, using an informal competitive format


  • Pre-arranged court times are guaranteed (to members).

  • Weekly sign up in the Playbypoint app. All members must sign up by noon on Friday (of the prior week) for the groups that you intend to participate in the following week.  After the weekly sign up deadline expires at noon on Fridays, we will begin filling available spots in the schedule for the following week.  If you try to sign up after the Friday noon deadline, you will be added to the sub list and will not have priority over sub spots that have already been filled.  We put significant effort into ensuring competitive matches so please be sure to sign up. 

  • Players are responsible to inform the club if not able to fulfill the commitment they signed-up for.  All cancellations MUST be given in writing via a text (to the club phone 508-274-1456) or email ( or directly through the Kourts app. Verbal or in person notifications will not be accepted. Please be courteous to your fellow players and make any cancellation with at least 24 hour notice so that the club has time to find a replacement.

  • Members have priority for participation in all organized group play. Only Members have the ability to sign up for group play in the Playbybpoint app. Non-members will be used as fill-ins as needed.


Members – Participation in these groups is included in your membership
Non-Members (invitation by Kings Grant) - $15

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